Q: How do I contact McFarland Ford Collision Center?

A: We can be contacted by phone 603-772-5953 or by email bodyshop@mcfarlandford.com.

Q: How "green" is McFarland Ford's Collision Center?.

A: Very green! We use Waterborne basecoats and we recycle in house to reduce harmful waste.

Q: If my vehicle is not a Ford, can you still repair it?

A: Yes, we repair all makes and models including domestic, imports, and luxury vehicles.

Q: Between kids, work, and my recent accident, I don't have time to bring my vehicle to your location for a repair estimate. What do I do?

A: We can come to your home or work and appraise the vehicle without interrupting your day!

Q: If my vehicle is in the Collision Center getting repaired, are there other transportation options for me?

A: Yes, we offer shuttle rides back to your location as well as rental vehicles.

Q: Does McFarland Ford's Collision Center work directly with my insurance company?

A: We work with all insurance companies, including State Farm, Nationwide, and Progressive.

Q: How do you decide which collision repair facility is right for you?

A: Quality, convenience, location, and reputation.

Q: My vehicle is no longer safe to drive after my accident, how can I get it to your facility for repairs?

A: We can arrange for a tow company to safely bring your vehicle to our location.

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